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Global Shapers Ho Chi Minh City Hub is a group of diverse 20-something individuals based in Ho Chi Minh City who cannot sit still. We have lived, traveled and worked in various countries with unique experiences (including technology startups, education, finance etc.) and special interests in improving the state of our local community. We came together to join forces and leverage our own network and expertise to create projects that promote positive social changes. Our Hub projects range from teaching young recent graduates and first-jobbers soft skills and providing them with mentorship opportunities, career advice to raising awareness and knowledge on mental health for millennials in Vietnam.

24 members


Triet Huynh

Joined 6 Jul 2018


Vy Nguyen

Joined 5 Feb 2020

Impact Officer


Joined 29 Jun 2020

Community Champion

La Hue

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Chien Teng Chia

Joined 1 Jul 2020

Doan Thien Phuc

Joined 30 Apr 2014

Pawel Kacper Gorski

Joined 30 Jun 2017

Hieu Le

Joined 16 Jan 2015

Bruce Le Viet Dung

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Lance Ma

Joined 21 Feb 2019

Phat Nguyen

Joined 2 Oct 2015

Akshay Sharma

Joined 26 Apr 2018

Nam Anh Ta

Joined 30 Jul 2013

An Tran

Joined 11 Jan 2020

Ha Tran

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Van Tran

Joined 3 Jun 2013

Vu Yen

Joined 3 Jun 2013

Yen Do

Joined 2 Oct 2015

Nathan John Korus

Joined 15 Nov 2018

Long Le

Joined 4 Mar 2016

Phuong Nguyen

Joined 25 Feb 2016

Anh Nguyen Hoang

Joined 13 Jan 2020


Joined 15 Oct 2019

Hitanshu Sethi

Joined 11 Jan 2020

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