Ho Hub

The Ho Hub is a diverse community of young people with a unique purpose to implement innovative solutions in solving challenges that create positive impacts in the Ho Community. We have championed ground-breaking, forward-looking social interventions which includes thousands of people. These initiatives include business competitions and financial literacy programs amongst market women, as well as water purification projects, digital literacy and mentorship programs in primary and secondary schools in Ho. The Ho Hub thrives in its community by virtue of the common sense of ownership and the diversity of its membership which is dominated by young entrepreneurs, health and media professionals, policy advocates, and science enthusiasts.

21 members

Priscus Ackon

Joined 8 Jul 2021

Dzifa Acolor

Joined 24 Jun 2019

Ernest Anderson Kwawu Adzrago

Joined 24 Jun 2019

Happy Agbetsiafa

Joined 12 Apr 2023

Benjamin Kwaku Aklama

Joined 30 May 2018

Harry Atsu Akligoh

Joined 13 Mar 2015

Darlington Ahiale Akogo

Joined 29 Jun 2019

Impact Officer

Richard Kordzo Amenyah

Joined 1 Mar 2022

Joshua Andrews-Egyir

Joined 11 Jul 2019

Courage Komla Asase

Joined 6 Jul 2018

Mawunyo Bansah

Joined 7 May 2024

Alice Frimpomaa Boateng

Joined 12 Apr 2023

Wilson Deh

Joined 13 Apr 2023

Michael Kabanda

Joined 16 Apr 2023

Fafali Philippine Klu

Joined 30 May 2018



Joined 12 Apr 2023


Joined 13 Apr 2023

Cyril Korku Dzidedi Nkrumah

Joined 17 May 2018

Xorse Senanu

Joined 8 Jul 2021

Mariam Sinare

Joined 20 Jun 2019


Bernard Tay

Joined 12 Apr 2023

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