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With multiple nationalities represented, the Hong Kong hub is diverse and comprised of young leaders passionate about making both local and regional impact.

Current hub projects include:

- Learning Together, which supports asylum seekers and refugees with education and scholarship opportunities;

- Purpose Exchange, which enables youth to foster purposeful business for sustainable development through training workshops and social media;

- SUSTAINHK, which drives climate action through climate science awareness and corporate-level sustainability best practice sharing;

- Shaping Minds, which promotes mental well-being in corporates and the wider community; and

- Future City Dialogue, which aims to enhance civic engagement among the youth population. Designed to co-create and improve the future readiness of Hong Kong, dialogue series are organised to future-proof the city as it gradually recovers from the public health crisis and other longstanding social issues.

- The Project Clinic, an initiative that provides tailored, hands-on support for developing social and environmental projects in Hong Kong. The clinic promotes impactful, long term and sustained projects that are youth driven.

Through various hub supporting projects, the Hong Kong hub also contributes to initiatives on entrepreneurship, smart cities, mental health and more in the capacity of mentors, speakers and organizers. We are proud to have hosted the first Greater China Retreat for hubs in the region, promoting collaboration and exchange across hubs on governance, projects and impact.

31 members

Randell Aranza

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Natalie Au

Joined 22 Jun 2020

Tiffany Chan

Joined 10 Jul 2022

Jacqueline Cheng

Joined 9 May 2019

Mildred Cheng

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Impact Officer

Bryan Cheuk

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Sophiya Chiang

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Sum Yue Chung

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Johnson Kong

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Neville Lai Yunshek

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Carol Liang

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Xinyao Liu

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Clarence Ma

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Steph Ng

Joined 3 Jun 2023

Advisory Council

Claire Peng Yixuan

Joined 29 May 2019

Mohammed (Mo) Saif Qureshi

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Paul Sedille

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Alexander So

Joined 14 Jun 2022

Chester Szeen

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