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Hong Kong Hub

With 10 different nationalities represented, the Hong Kong hub is diverse and comprised of young leaders passionate about making both local and regional impact. Current hub projects include Learning Together, which provides asylum seekers and refugees with education and scholarship opportunities; SUSTAINHK, which convenes forums on corporate-level sustainability best practice sharing; and The Glowing Fool, which fosters youth and community engagement via role-playing games. Through various hub supporting projects, the Hong Kong hub also contributes to initiatives on entrepreneurship, smart cities, mental health and more in the capacity of mentors, speakers and organizers. We are proud to have hosted the first Greater China Retreat for hubs in the region, promoting collaboration and exchange across hubs on governance, projects and impact.

31 members


Jan Frederik Engels

Akshay Bajaj

Natalie Hiu Wai Chan

Michael Chan

Jacqueline Cheng

William Du

Susanne Fischer

Pristine Lampard

Stephanie Lau

Alvin Li

Martin Li

Carol Liang

Dervla Louli

Jung Soo Maeng

John Mak

Olivia Mok

Cecilia Mok

Earl Ng

Christopher Pang

Claire Peng

Mohammed Saif Qureshi

Kemar Richards

Vince Siu

Francis Sollano

Jacqueline Thong

Christian Tooley

Johanna von Pezold

Iris Wan

Jane Wong

Murong Yang

Abby Zhang

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