Huambo Hub

Global Shapers Huambo is one of the Angolan Hubs, being the second created Hub in Angola, founded in 2022.


The mission of the Global Shapers Huambo Hub is to provide an environment that allows the link between the imaginary potential of youth and their ability to think realistically about the most varied problems of the province, as well as their potential solvers, to lead young people to position themselves as part of the solution and promoters of a social mentality of sustainable changes for the good of the different communities of the province.



The objectives of the Global Shapers Huambo hub are to allow young people from the province to be together and move towards innovation and creativity, thereby allowing:

·         The awareness of the different challenges of the provincial communities;

·         The creation of short and medium term action plans that respond to the needs of communities;

·         The creation of a synergistic effort to train youth in matters related to entrepreneurship, associativism and volunteering;

·         Place young people in dialogue centers in the province;

·         Empowerment of communities through the various projects to be developed;

·         Awareness of the sustainable development of our communities;

·         Train communities on topics of local interest;

·         Sensitize communities about the adoption of globally recommended practices such as sustainable development plans.



Global Shapers Huambo Hub works with the entire fringe of the province, benefiting the people of Huambo and in particular the youth of the same province, creating projects that impact many more people beyond its borderland, we have in hub people with different backgrounds and expertises.

We are young, we are the change.

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Adriana Buayo

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