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Hulunbuir Hub

Hulunbuir Hub consists of some talented local youth with a sense of justice from all walks of life, who are the elite of their respective fields, such as, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, artists, etc. The Hub is committed to the promotion of national cultural heritage and environmental protection in order to create and protect the Hulunbuir prairie as a piece of pure land. The Hub launched several activities with the other Hubs in Shang Hai, Shen Yang and Da Lian, etc. The theme is mainly about Mongolian culture. Participants could personally experience the customs, etiquette and life style with Mongolians. At the same time, the participants could share their experiences or knowledge on the development of outstanding national enterprises. Hulunbuir Hub plays a vital role in promoting the regional culture, seeking consensus on cooperation and supporting the development of entrepreneurship. In the future, the Hub will adhere to the concept of environmental protection and national heritage and we will insistently uphold the faith and mission.

16 members

Wenrui Bao

Rixin Li

曹 红

book am

aoqi bateer

Tian Yu Gao


Na Hui

Na Mei

Mei Na

Li Rixin

Shuangyu Sui

Bayier Tegusi


Wendi Zhang

Lei Zhao

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