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The Global Shapers Community in Hyderabad is a community of more than 28 young leaders who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to catalyze a future-ready city. We create local impact in our city and state through socially impactful projects. We also represent the voice of youth in multi-stakeholder dialogues at the local, national, and international levels. Our members include business, government, civil society, and media leaders. 

 We have design and run projects that directly impact underprivileged communities. Additionally, we work with our city and state governments to foster innovative approaches to addressing climate change and facilitating sustainable consumption practices (among others). Our strong network of partners, including the state/city government, corporations, and civil society organizations, consistently enables us to deliver necessary and relevant impact for our local community.

19 members

Farhan Ahmed

Joined 12 Jul 2021

Zubair Ahmed

Joined 22 Jul 2022

Akhila Bandam

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Madhav Raj Bhatt

Joined 11 Aug 2017

Krittika Chavaly

Joined 10 Jul 2021

Advisory Council

Antara Choudhury

Joined 12 Feb 2020

Masarrath Fatima

Joined 20 Jul 2022

Syed Zabiulla Hussaini

Joined 8 Jul 2023

Raghu Vamsi Kadiri

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Tejo Sriram Kandepu

Joined 31 Oct 2018

Prayog Mali

Joined 7 Jul 2023


Vidhatri Pattapu

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Soma Raj Laxmi

Joined 11 Nov 2020


Shyam Rathod

Joined 23 Jul 2019


Joined 24 Jan 2021

Shruti Rawal

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Sadiya Sabera

Joined 12 Jul 2021

Impact Officer

Prathik Thamalla

Joined 19 Jul 2022

Founding Curator

Kranthi Vistakula

Joined 30 Apr 2014

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