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Global Shapers Imphal Hub is the 450th hub in the world and has been active since Sept 2015. We aim to gather the best individuals from various background and walk of life; from private sector, public sector, to non-profit organizations in and around Imphal. We believe diversity and inclusiveness are our biggest asset.

We have been involved in two of our most popular impact activities - "Shaping I" where we provide motivational/inspirational sessions for school children and "Imphal Jamboree", an annual event where we engage youths in redefining self employment and sustainability. In 2016, we took up one of our biggest project "Rebuilding Kabui Khullen" where we raised funds to support the relocation of the whole of Kabui Khullen village to its new site after their homes were destroyed in the earthquake of 4 January 2016. In 2017, we initiated few projects all contributing to our mega project "Shaping Environment", namely the eco-bag project,  Urban wall gardening initiative etc. 

On top of this, our recently initiated project "Mental Health: Response" is addressing the much needed mental health issue in this times of covid crisis.  Each of our sessions are designed to address people of different age groups  to self access and self care, hence leading to better understand the concept and problem. 

We have team meetings every fortnight for bonding and operational purposes. We also have a yearly retreat to recharge team spirit and build stronger bonds. We recruit on a yearly basis and every new recruit undergoes a probation period of three months to monitor their performance and commitment. 

29 members


Suretrica Salam

Joined 4 Dec 2018


Riteshkumar Ningombam

Joined 5 Dec 2018

Impact Officer

Konthoujam Ibothoi Singh

Joined 16 Nov 2017

Zuicy Beauty Akoijam

Joined 25 Dec 2018

Ningthoujam Asharani

Joined 4 Dec 2018

Nongthombam Bankimchandra

Joined 5 Feb 2016

K Brighty

Joined 30 Nov 2017

Nelson Chongtham

Joined 4 Jan 2019

Khoibam Ganitarani Devi

Joined 27 Jan 2021


Joined 23 Jan 2021

Johnson Laishram

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Thangjam Leibakchao

Joined 27 Jul 2020

Nganthoi Lourembam Chanu

Joined 9 Nov 2017

Nongthombam Dhiraj Luwang

Joined 27 Jul 2020

Khoirom Matouleibi

Joined 23 Nov 2017

Tracila Meinam

Joined 23 Jan 2021

Rabichandra Moirangthem

Joined 27 Jul 2020

Alfred rozer Nandeibam

Joined 15 Feb 2020

Lamyanbi Naorem

Joined 27 Jan 2021

Chinglemba Ngathem

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Dineshkumar Ningthoujam

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Elizabeth Okram

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Yengkhom Paresh Kumar

Joined 14 Feb 2020

Gaisin Phaomei

Joined 25 Jan 2021

Allen Sapam

Joined 27 Jan 2021

Prasanjit Konjengbam Singh

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Sanoujam Srikant

Joined 31 May 2019

Kimi Yumlembam

Joined 14 Feb 2020

Founding Curator

Armstrong Pame

Joined 11 Jun 2015

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