Istanbul Hub

Istanbul Hub is a group of extraordinary young people representing what’s good about the Turkish youth: vibrant, visionary and passionate for local impact. Already doing amazing works in their respective fields such as law, art, academia, NGO, sports, press and business, Istanbul Shapers have gathered around a unified mission to amplify the impact on shared goals. Istanbul Hub has conducted several community projects such as providing legal and psychological support to child abuse victims, bringing outdoor cinema to rural areas of Turkey and organizing sessions on youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. Istanbul Hub has also represented the community in various events to share its vision with the larger society. With its "Friends of Shapers" group consisting visionary business leaders, academics, YGLs, alumni shapers, Istanbul Hub has a strong intellectual support base to conduct sustainable and impactful projects. Hub currently undertakes projects on 4th Industrial Revolution, women empowerment in collaboration with the major stakeholders.

22 members


Joined 21 Dec 2022

Eren Alp

Joined 20 Dec 2022

Fatma Yeşim Bayrakçı

Joined 8 Dec 2023

Efekan Bilgin

Joined 25 Nov 2023


İrem Bilir

Joined 30 Nov 2022

Doha Boujmal

Joined 21 Dec 2022

Ouijdane Brouk

Joined 20 Jan 2023

Ecem Naz Çakır

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Ali Fahri Çakmak

Joined 30 Nov 2023

Ata Cengiz

Joined 21 Jun 2018

Doga Can Cosar

Joined 16 Feb 2021


Furkan Eren Degerli

Joined 18 Jul 2022

Derya Dolgun

Joined 8 Dec 2023

Kutluhan Gök

Joined 1 Feb 2024

Yiğit Karataş

Joined 30 Nov 2023

Mine Koprulu

Joined 21 Aug 2019

Founding Curator

Umit Kumcuoglu

Joined 19 Nov 2012

Zeynep Nardemir

Joined 31 Dec 2018

Aslı Dua Oler

Joined 30 Nov 2023

Impact Officer

Özlem Şahin

Joined 20 Dec 2022

Batu Tan

Joined 30 Nov 2023

Duy Louis Tran

Joined 26 Nov 2023

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