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The Jacksonville (JAX) Hub was founded in Fall 2020. With a local purpose to expand viewpoints, participate in meaningful discourse and drive impact with an emerging cityscape. A committed group of service minded entreprenurs unite as an action think tank for human flourishing. JAX is the largest city by area in the contigous USA and the most populous city in Florida. JAX is centered on the banks of the St. Johns River of the First Coast region of Northeast Florida. The JAX beaches communities are adjcent to the Atlantic coast. At the Hub, we form a democratic body, shaping values before self interest. Disagreement, debate and agreement is at the heart of our mechanics. Our 2020-2021 impact areas are as follows: 1) Climate & Environment 2) Education & Employment 3) Equity & Inclusion.  

22 members


Grace Weimer

Joined 12 Oct 2020

Impact Officer

Casey Roth

Joined 7 Nov 2020

Reggie Lynn Agulto

Joined 11 Jan 2021


Joined 9 Feb 2021

Lydia Broach

Joined 5 Feb 2021

Jeremy Eaton

Joined 31 Dec 2020

Elizabeth Ellis

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Katie Finn

Joined 11 Feb 2021

Austin Franklin

Joined 6 Mar 2021

Maria Juliana Fueyo

Joined 20 Jan 2021

Jonathon Glover

Joined 30 Dec 2020

Desiree Hambrock

Joined 17 Dec 2020

Nicole Hamm

Joined 8 Mar 2021

Javon Knight

Joined 9 Feb 2021

Sophia Laettner

Joined 30 Jan 2021

Lawrence Luksha

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Dykisha Potter

Joined 1 Apr 2021

Vaughn Sayers

Joined 16 Dec 2020

Davis Shelly

Joined 14 Dec 2020

vincente waugh

Joined 21 Jan 2021

Jordan Levitz

Joined 12 Mar 2021

Founding Curator

Pascal Rathle

Joined 26 Aug 2020

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