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Jaipur, a city of deep historical depth and vibrant contemporary culture, is a petri-dish of feverish experimentation in civic engagement, enterprise, and the creative arts. The Jaipur Hub, for this reason, is made up of an expanding network of entrepreneurs, academics, artists, and social sector professionals. Knowing that our world is experiencing parallel global disruptions, Jaipur’s Shapers are building on the city’s rich legacy through initiatives in heritage and conservation, the arts and crafts, public health, and gender equity.  We see ourselves as a bridge between Jaipur’s cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial past, and a future committed to sustainability and equity through community engagement and edgy experimentation.

29 members


Gaurav Sharma

Joined 6 Nov 2019


Avi Aggarwal

Joined 7 Nov 2019

Impact Officer

Naina Joshi

Joined 18 Jan 2021

Community Champion

Aastha Dhandhia

Joined 27 Jul 2018

Sheetal Agarwal

Joined 3 Feb 2021

Tanya Agarwal

Joined 18 Sep 2020

Hemant Agarwal

Joined 9 Jan 2021


Joined 17 Jun 2022

Navratan Akar

Joined 23 Jan 2020

Shivam Gupta

Joined 1 Jun 2022

Pranav Jain

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Abhishek Khandal

Joined 1 Feb 2018


Joined 30 Nov 2020

Shruti Kumari

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Shreya Nama

Joined 27 Apr 2021

Medha Priya

Joined 10 Jan 2021

Nidhi Rakyan

Joined 7 Dec 2018

Peeyush Rastogi

Joined 28 Jan 2020


Joined 24 Jan 2021

Tushar Saini

Joined 3 Feb 2021

Vijaya Sharma

Joined 23 Aug 2018

Sakshi Sharma

Joined 22 Jan 2021

Devika Shekhawat

Joined 6 Jan 2021

Shikha Soni

Joined 8 Nov 2019

Manan Tholia

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Jagruti Tiwary

Joined 16 Jun 2022

Shubham sharma

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Deepakshi Singh

Joined 18 Jun 2022

Founding Curator

Vivek Bhandari

Joined 18 Jul 2013

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