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The Jeddah Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and passionate young Shapers. We benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds which span various different fields, such as entrepreneurship, finance, engineering, consulting, medicine and law. We have launched several projects, which had a positive impact on individuals of nearly all age group. Moreover, together with our partners in Jeddah we have launched several community initiatives with a focus on woman and youth empowerment. The Jeddah Hub Shapers are committed to shaping our local community and scaling our impact to the global community whenever possible, in order to lay the ground work for a better future.

22 members


Asmaa Gadri

Joined 20 Jan 2019


Ghaidaa Khan

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Raghad Al Attas

Joined 23 Jun 2016

Eshrak Mohammed Alhaddad

Joined 1 Sep 2017

Sarah Alharthey

Joined 8 Jun 2015

Sara Alhatami

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Turki Aljadani

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Haneen Alnajjar

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Fahd Al-Rasheed

Joined 14 Nov 2012

Yarob Bayumi

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Farah Dabrom

Joined 19 Jan 2019

Nadia Dandachi

Joined 1 Sep 2017

raghad fathaddin

Joined 1 Feb 2021

Yara Ghouth

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Dima Ikhwan

Joined 23 Jun 2016

Ayah Kattan

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Hassan Qadi

Joined 20 Feb 2019

Emon Shakoor

Joined 1 Sep 2017

Wijdan Sharafuddin

Joined 22 Feb 2019

Mohamed Tomalieh

Joined 27 Mar 2014

Khalid Khumayis

Joined 29 Jan 2021

dalia sabban

Joined 31 Jan 2021

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