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Joinville Hub

After almost a year of planning, the Joinville Hub, understood that the main focus to develop in our city is education and entreprenurial opportunities. Later we lauched Conversa Multi Geração, which is our continuous project since 2016, where we bring experts to talk with the local youth. We do also promote interactions with the local representatives.

Politize! is a project where we will introduce political studies in schools of our community.

In our consel board, we have our former curator, Amanda Luz.

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10 members


Flavio Augusto Liesenberg

Project Lead Coordinator

@ Joinville City Hall

Maryara da Silva Bastos

Pós Graduação Industria 4.0

Livia Tiemi Bastos Rudolph

Ph.D Organizational Economics

Raphael de Freitas Bernardo

Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering

Mario Corrêa


Julia Karoline Dos Santos

Diversity and Inclusion, Voluntary and Internship Programs

Bruno Kurtz


@ Inova Works

Amanda Meyer da Luz

Medical Student

@ Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe

Luiz Carlos Batista Junior


Founding Curator

Vanderson Soares

Director and Consultant

@ Cruzeiro Consultoria e Assessoria

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