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Joinville Hub is a platform for shapers to develop their skills, raise awareness and promote positive impact in the local community. Our focus is on our members' areas of interests, and for that we have different activities and projects that range from sustainability to local action and citizenship.

Projects:#ShapingFashion is a global project created by the Amsterdam hub in 2017, and Joinville joined in 2018, in which Livia (2020-2021 Curator) was the regional committee representative for Latin America. In this project we developed a pilot of an event in cooperation with a local university, which hosted sessions with invited local entrepreneurs, workshops and a clothing swap, with around 40 people impacted. The main theme is sustainability and ethical fashion, in the context of fashion design students and organizations.

#CipódeJabuti - Amazon riverine stories. Multiple Brazilian Hubs worked on this virtual reality mini documentary entirely filmed in the Amazon rainforest. We have promoted a viewing party during a Sustainability class in Faculdade Senac Jaraguá do Sul 2019, in which 25 college students learned and reflected upon the minidoc.Some of the activities we have done: - donating drives, either to raise school supplies for an institution focused on vulnerable kids and orphans, to raise clothing donations for local charities, and to raise money for hygiene and food supplies to local recycling organizations. - participation in the 2018 ODS itinerant truck event, hosting 2 workshops for the 8th ODS (Decent work and economic growth).- an ongoing partnership with Joinville's Zero Waste week (usually in October).   - participation in Brazil's Global Shapers national meetings. - Conversa MultiGeração (Multigeneration Talk) in which we promote a conversation between people from different generations on the same topic, ranging from entrepreneurship, the future of jobs and education. On this event we invite representatives from universities, organizations, corporations and the media. The fifth edition of this event was on August/2019, addressing mental health.

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