Kaduna Hub

Our Mision: To nurture a progressive community that works diligently and innovatively to improve the state of Kaduna and its people, extending the same to Nigeria, Africa, and the world.  

Our Values: The values of the Kaduna Hub govern how Global Shapers from the Kaduna Hub operate and are in tandem with the established values of the Global Shapers Community. These values are:

 1. Integrity – As Kaduna Global Shapers, we are transparent, honest and trustworthy. There is unity between our values and actions both within and outside the Global Shapers Community.   

2. Equality – As Kaduna Global Shapers, we encourage inclusion, diversity – including diversity of thoughts and ideas, non-discrimination and intersectionality. We treat people with an equal measure of respect and dignity regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or ability. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimization of any individual or group of individuals. The Kaduna Hub is an inclusive and safe space for all members of the Kaduna Hub. 

3. Adaptive Leadership – As Kaduna Global Shapers, we emphasize emotional intelligence, empathy, boldness, collaborative efforts and working with urgency. We take responsibility for leading ourselves beyond our comfort zones to achieve the mission of the Kaduna Hub. We accept responsibility for engaging in authentic systems change through distributed leadership and collaborative effort, where everyone’s skill sets are harnessed, rather than a limited few. We commit to contributing to a readiness and commitment culture that learns to respond thoughtfully and with urgency to new challenges that arise, even with little precedence to solve them. We work with humility, recognizing that we do not have all the answers, but focus instead on learning how to make good and timely calls under ambiguous conditions with others who are committed to a common purpose. 

4. Excellence - As Kaduna Global Shapers, we underscore pacesetting, record-breaking, personal mastery, and team improvement. We put in our best in all we do, and we are deliberate about continually getting better in our crafts and service to others.

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