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Kakuma Hub

Located in the north-western region of Kenya, the Kakuma Hub is a network of diverse young people displaced by conflicts and instability in 20 different countries across the globe. The Hub helps to service the needs of nearly 200,000 people who reside in the Kakuma Refugee Camp through activities ranging from peacebuilding to ICT training. 

13 members


Abubakar Kabura

Joined 24 Jul 2019


Nyanen Malik

Joined 13 Aug 2019

Bahana Hydrogene

Joined 28 Oct 2019

Deng Dak Malual

Joined 20 May 2019

Hibo Mohamed

Joined 20 May 2019

Abdirahman Mohamed Noor

Joined 13 Aug 2019

Mohammed Hassan Mohamud

Joined 12 Oct 2018

Zakaria Odawa

Joined 29 Jul 2019

Namurembe Rita Brown

Joined 1 Sep 2019

Joelle Hangi

Joined 13 Aug 2019

Tadicha Jilllo

Joined 12 Nov 2019

Manahil Musa

Joined 21 May 2019

Betty Zekira

Joined 28 Oct 2019

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