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Kano, with its rich history, heritage, culture, and economic activity historically serving not just Nigeria, but much of West Africa, is home to our amazing hub. Kano hub is made of forward-thinking and talented young Nigerians who come from different backgrounds and walks of life. Kano shapers believe in not just improving the state of our community, but also in our own growth, improvement and development as individuals, and as a group and in helping others do the same. Our diversity is definitely one of our strengths and has been a major contributor to our success and growth as a hub.

Our hub has become a key stakeholder in the development of our city, with projects having impact across thematic areas ranging from health, to education, youth capacity building, women and youth empowerment, sustainable fashion, entrepreneurship, water, the environment and climate change; internally displaced persons, among others. Kano hub hosted the first and only national gathering/summit of Shapers from all seven hubs in Nigeria through which Shapers connected and collaborated.

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31 members

Fatima Abdullahi

Joined 25 Jun 2019

Abdulhakeem Abdulrafeeu

Joined 30 Jun 2021

Amina Abdulwahab

Joined 22 Jun 2019


Joined 8 Sep 2022

Salamatu Adamu

Joined 17 Jul 2021

Ahmad Ado Mustapha

Joined 29 May 2023

Lawan Ali

Joined 6 Sep 2022

Mahmud Aminu Dambazau

Joined 26 Jun 2021

Mariya Aminu Kabir

Joined 29 May 2023

Masturah Baba

Joined 23 Jun 2016

Khadijah Buhari

Joined 5 Sep 2022

Mubarak Daha Isa

Joined 4 Dec 2021

Sanusi Dangote

Joined 31 May 2023

Hassan Dantata

Joined 26 Jun 2021

Najib Aminu Idris

Joined 21 Jun 2019

Khadija Jebu

Joined 30 May 2023

Aisha Jiboh

Joined 30 May 2023


Amina Lawal

Joined 30 Jun 2021

Impact Officer

Al-amin Masu

Joined 27 Jun 2022

Adamu Mubarak Mukhtar

Joined 24 Sep 2019

Abbas Muutassim

Joined 24 Jun 2019

Ahmed Idris Negedu

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Safiyya Amatullah Sanusi

Joined 26 Jun 2021

Shuaib Sani Shuaib

Joined 15 Jun 2022


Amina Suleiman

Joined 5 Jul 2021

Musaddiq Ado Bala Talle

Joined 25 Apr 2017

Sumayya Tofa

Joined 30 May 2023

Aisha Tofa Umar

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Mustapha Tukur

Joined 14 Dec 2021

Maryam Sadiq Wali

Joined 30 May 2023

Hafiz Saidu Yaro

Joined 1 Sep 2017

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