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Karachi with its 16 million people makes us a diverse and pluralistic hub of people of all colors and walks of life from across Pakistan. Out of these 16 million people 10 million are aged between 15-33,  - the youth - making this city among world’s top 5 youngest cities in the world.  

We at Global Shapers Karachi have a tremendous opportunity to engage, enable and empower youth to self organize and create impact by solving complex nature of challenges and creating opportunities that can deliver change. Keeping the pluralistic nature of the city alive, our hub is one of the most ethnically, racially and religiously diverse hubs in the country. At Karachi Hub, we firmly believe that we are the architects of change! 

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Ummamah Shah

Joined 26 Jun 2020


Muhammad Faheem

Joined 30 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Muhammad Ashar Khan

Joined 19 Mar 2022

Advisory Council

Sikander Bizenjo

Joined 3 Jan 2019

Sohaib Aamir

Joined 30 Jun 2014

Basit Ali

Joined 30 Jan 2021

Durlabh Ashok

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Fatima Bano

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Eric Bhatti

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Sahib Dino

Joined 24 Mar 2022

Anamta Ghur

Joined 11 Jul 2020

Muhammad Ramzan Khan

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Aarti Lila Ram

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Sana Lokhandwala

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- Naeemullah

Joined 23 Aug 2019


Joined 19 Mar 2022

Eric Shahzar

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Falak Shaikhani

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Ateeq Syed

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Founding Curator

Kamran Iqbal

Joined 21 Mar 2019

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