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Kathmandu Hub was formed in 2012 bringing together youth from diverse backgrounds united in their collective goal to shape a more equitable, inclusive, and greener future for our community.

Past hub initiatives include raising over $500,000 to build one school and two health clinics in response to devastating earthquake in 2015. Our approach was restructured in response to new challenges facing the community as we moved from post-earthquake recovery into the COVID-19 pandemic era. Our major initiatives have shifted in response and now include multiyear hub projects such as:

Shaping Mental Health
Awareness and Ownership of a Green City 

These initiatives are complemented by dedicated media, learning, and fundraising teams. Kathmandu Hub is now looking to expand its impact across Reskilling for the Future and Civic Engagement areas in the year 2022/23.

Find out more about our work and ongoing initiatives on our website. More links on our work can be found on our linktree

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