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The Kharkiv Hub is an exceptional mixture of educated, talented and helpful people who care about the local community as well as for the country.Our Hub is committed to improving the state of the world through education and innovative social initiatives, that bring us to a better future.We build proficiency among teachers and develop educational skills among students. In Ukraine, our Hub has launched numerous projects connected to education and society

  • EdCamp (un)conference is a unique platform for the professional development of school teachers in Ukraine

  • BeProfi is a career choice platform for youth, aimed to solve youth unemployment

  • MoreInfo digital tourism project,

  • VR marathon, virtual reality education project 

  • Bunch of brilliant social projects and pro bono consulting.

Our shapers work on developing entrepreneurial skills among youth(Ampli project), better transparency for local government(OPORA project), ecological initiatives (OGD Graphic Design and Human Library) and ethical approach to life.

We have a strong spirit, we share the same values which help us to be responsible and face challenges with dignity and honor.

19 members


Nonna Davitadze

Mykhaylo Domshin

Dariia Hordiienko

Polina Makarova

Kateryna Minkina

Liudmyla Nikitina

Yevhenii Pankov

Serhii Prokopenko

Daria Prydybailo

Alexander Vinokur

Kira Zhukova

Olha Berezina

Anastasiia Gordiievich

Nikita Kvikta

Iryna Minjkovsjka

Tatiana Reshetnyk

Svitlana Shapoval (Ohovich)

Maryna Sheremet

Oleksandra Yegorova

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