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Kochi Hub

The Global Shapers Kochi Hub is a diverse group of passionate, dynamic young leaders bound together by their commitment to creating a better world. The Kochi Shapers, chosen on the basis of their leadership potential, come from a wide array of educational and professional backgrounds, including researchers, development professionals, entrepreneurs, social media influencers and corporate leaders.

19 members

Wasim Abbas

Joined 6 Feb 2021

Suzanna Abraham

Joined 19 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Ann Mary Biju

Joined 6 Feb 2021

Nithya Elizabeth Abraham

Joined 6 Feb 2021

Sanjna Elizabeth George

Joined 9 Mar 2021

Tina Rose Jacob

Joined 5 Dec 2020

Jitha Johnny

Joined 22 Jun 2021

Jaseer Kallingal

Joined 20 Jun 2021

Robin Kanattu Thomas

Joined 23 Mar 2023

Sachin Kuruttukulam

Joined 23 Mar 2023

Aishwarya Kuruttukulam

Joined 8 Feb 2021

Anshul Mathew

Joined 8 Dec 2020

Founding Curator

Nasif NM

Joined 30 Sep 2020


Achuth Pradeep

Joined 21 Jun 2021

Anjana Pradeep

Joined 26 Feb 2021


Ashwathej Purushothaman

Joined 10 Dec 2020

Poornima Sethumadhavan

Joined 20 Jun 2021

Thanvi Miriam Sudeesh

Joined 24 Mar 2023

Toolika Suresh

Joined 22 Jun 2021

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