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The Global Shapers Kolkata Hub is a diverse group of passionate, dynamic young leaders bound together by their commitment to creating a better world-- starting in Kolkata. The Kolkata Shapers, chosen on the basis of their leadership potential, come from a wide array of educational and professional backgrounds, including researchers, development professionals, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, fashion designers and corporate leaders.

20 members


Monal Agarwal

Joined 20 Jul 2022

Ritika Agarwal

Joined 11 Jan 2019

Founding Curator

Manish Agrawal

Joined 11 Dec 2012


Joined 20 Jul 2022

Shreyas Bajoria

Joined 4 Jan 2018


Subham Bakuli

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Debnandini Bal

Joined 30 Nov 2021

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Joined 25 Nov 2021

Reetwija Chakraborty

Joined 11 Dec 2019

Sayantan Chatterjee

Joined 15 Sep 2017

Sandip Kumar Dey

Joined 1 May 2023

Impact Officer

Brinda Didwania

Joined 20 Jul 2022

Sanjina Gupta

Joined 14 Dec 2019

Akanksha Naygandhi

Joined 27 Dec 2019

Shayantan Rahman

Joined 4 Jan 2018

Barsha Sarkar

Joined 5 May 2023

Niladri Sinha

Joined 27 Feb 2023

Aditya Sureka

Joined 10 Jan 2023

Purvi Tanwani

Joined 13 Dec 2019

Madhurya Tarafder

Joined 7 Jan 2023

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