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Koper Hub

Koper Hub is a community that focuses social entrepreneurship mainly on well-being and mental health of young people and sustainable development of the community we are positioned in. We are a passionate group of young people who believe in change if meaningfully involving young people and effectively using their potential in all phases of our projects.

11 members

Nassim Djaba

Joined 3 Jan 2022

Nika Glavina

Joined 26 Feb 2022

Nomi Hrast

Joined 4 Jan 2022

Manca Kozlovič

Joined 25 Feb 2022

Founding Curator

Jan Peloza

Joined 16 Oct 2015

Evita Petrovčič

Joined 9 Apr 2022

Jasmina Selmanović

Joined 25 Feb 2022


Nika Stegovec

Joined 21 Oct 2020

Barbara Švagan

Joined 24 Feb 2022


Sara Vilhar

Joined 3 Jan 2022

Matej Zupanc

Joined 25 Feb 2022

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