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Kuching Hub

Global Shapers Community Kuching comprises of young people from diverse backgrounds, exceptionally motivated, driven with the propensity to make profound changes, and brains for innovation focused on a collective strategy where ideas fuel an economy sustaining livelihoods of its communities.

Exhibiting leadership potential, Shapers are selected on the basis of their accomplishments and achievements, entrepreneurship abilities, exponential creativity and innovation, becoming a formidable force of Shapers with a shared purpose creating change for social and human development in Kuching. 

Through the Global Shapers Community, the unparalleled advantage connecting with a worldwide network of Global Shapers, leading and prominent World Economic Forum Leaders, Head of States, Business Communities, etc.; Shapers are facilitated with an unprecedented opportunity to represent the voice of youths at World Economic Forum events, where new ideas grow from specs to spectacular.

Building a Hub in Kuching differs from the norm - rethinking old systems, embracing new ones - where catalyst ideas for economic developments, public education, employment, social enterprenurship and empowerment of local Communities must be deployed for the benefit of all.


4 members

Nurin Yusrina Mohamad Madehi

Agnes Ngui

Noriko Nilaw

Founding Curator

Arwin Sharma

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