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La Paz Hub

La Paz Hub's main objective is to achieve a positive social impact in our city through inclusive projects and initiatives that help the community as a whole. We work in projects with the help of partners that increase our impact.

The main areas where we are working is: 4th industrial revolution, education, enviornment and provide drinking water to rural areas

12 members


Rene Silva

Adriana Edith Arandia Tejerina

Estefanía Alejandra Ortuño Ibáñez

Juan Carlos Reyes Quinteros

Carla Anahi Torrez Martinez

Fabio Bruno Villegas Navia

Alvaro Marcelo Zegarra Rivero

Laura Zerain

Alexander Conesa-Pietscheck

Mario Nicolás Groux Ibañez

Carla Edith Mendoza Tapia

Founding Curator

Allison Silva Silva

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