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La Paz Hub

La Paz Hub's main objective is to achieve a positive social impact in our city through inclusive projects and initiatives that help the community as a whole. We work in projects with the help of partners that increase our impact.

The main areas where we are working is: 4th industrial revolution, education, enviornment and provide drinking water to rural areas

12 members


Rene Silva

Project Director

@ Emprender Futuro Foundation

Adriana Edith Arandia Tejerina

Co-founder and Head of Marketing and Operations

Estefanía Alejandra Ortuño Ibáñez

Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility

@ Banco Solidario S.A.

Juan Carlos Reyes Quinteros

Specialist, International Cooperation

@ United Nations

Carla Anahi Torrez Martinez


@ Impulsa Pymes

Fabio Bruno Villegas Navia


Maria Laura Zerain Mercado

Head, Logistics and Protocol

Alexander Conesa-Pietscheck

Regional Coordinator

Mario Nicol�s Groux Iba�ez

Statistics Analyst

Carla Edith Mendoza Tapia

Marketing and product development

Alvaro Marcelo Zegarra Rivero


Founding Curator

Allison Silva Silva

System Engineer

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