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Laayoune Hub is led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievement and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Our hub embraces diversity, by admitting people from different backgrounds and experiences, and by inviting them all to collaborate to improve the state of Laayoune community. Our members have backgrounds in Business, entrepreneurship, education, photography, Marketing, and Science among many others, and all share the passion to serve others and to catalyse change and growth.

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20 members

Fatima Aamardaya

Joined 18 Mar 2022

Chaymae Abdellaoui

Joined 25 Mar 2021


Joined 27 Dec 2020


Joined 20 Mar 2023

simo anddam

Joined 24 Nov 2021

Sabah Asri-ssar

Joined 26 Feb 2023

Louilla AYACH

Joined 31 Mar 2021

Ahmed Belkadi

Joined 1 Apr 2021

Bouchra Elakhrif

Joined 20 Feb 2023

Intissar EL JAMIY

Joined 4 Apr 2021

Ismahane El Madani

Joined 30 Mar 2021

Adam Gharnatei

Joined 20 Feb 2023


Joined 24 Feb 2023

Fatima zahraa Khihil

Joined 24 Nov 2021

Mohamed Maalainine

Joined 29 Mar 2021

Founding Curator

Mohamed El Moutaouakil

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Alae Oulad ameur

Joined 13 Mar 2023

Impact Officer


Joined 24 Nov 2021

El mahjoub SARKOUH

Joined 20 Feb 2023


Fatima ezzahrae Zouhairi

Joined 30 Mar 2021

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