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Lahore Hub

Located in the cultural capital of Lahore our HUB has been curated over the years to represent Shapers from diverse backgrounds and career paths coming together to realize one vision and mission - improving the state of the world. We understand our role as global citizens with a localized mandate to serve our community with passion and selflessness. Our goal is to maximize our education in law, politics, economics, performing arts and utilize our combined learning to effect social change. We are change agents committed to trans-formative development and with our support network of partners we have already executed Performing Arts Olympiads for the not so privileged, worked with orphanages to provide better facilities, be an advocate for the SDG's in our community. We have partnered with the National Parliament of Pakistan to bring together pertinent stakeholders to provide more opportunities for the youth. This is but the beginning for our HUB.

22 members


Mina Arham

Visual Artist, Surface Conservator

@ Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan

Tashfeen Ahmed

Executive Director

Imran Ali


Jannat Ali

Project Coordinator

Najam-Ul Assar


@ The Gender Stories

Purniya Awan

Co-Founder and Director

Hirra Babar


Azeem Hamid

Founder and Creative Director

Maha Sana Kamal

Teaching Fellow

Tanzila Khan

Executive Director

Muhammad Asser Malik


@ Desi Tour Project

Areej Mehdi

Program Manager

Miriam Mehdi

Founder @ Chai Hour

Anoosha Shaigan


@ Courting The Law

Ali Khan Tareen


@ JDW Sugar Mills Ltd

Syed Irteza Ubaid

Head of Corporate Development

@ Shams Power (Private) Limited

Sheikh Omer Zaheer

Manager Marketing and Strategy

Asjad Ahmad Farooqi

Creative Manager

Shaza Fatima Khawaja

Member National Assembly of Pakistan

Zoe Richards

Legal Associate at Ashtar Ali and Co. ; Director of Law, Policy and...

Immemah Shahzad

Big Data and advanced analytics consultant

Founding Curator

Kasim M. Kasuri

Chief Executive Officer

@ Beaconhouse School System

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