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Global Shapers Lancaster is a diverse group of globally-minded young leaders responding to community injustices through innovative problem solving and community partnerships in Lancaster. We commit to developing a deep understanding of the opportunities in our community and addressing them through transformative projects in Lancaster. The Lancaster Global Shapers are a group of visionary, like-minded young leaders who abide by the following core principles: Equity, Empathy, Empowerment, Diversity and Global perspective.

26 members


Jaime Arroyo

Director, Community Lending

@ ASSETS Lancaster

Randy Berridge

Financial & Strategy Director

@ The Industrial Resolution

Noah Miller

Research Consultant

@ Innovation Focus

Madeleine Murphy

Graphic Designer and Content Creator

mustafa nuur

Executive Director

Jeremy Raff

Coordinator of College and Career Services

Thomas Sengeh

Facilities and Operations

Ryan Shenk

Manager of US Operations

Derek Smith

Project Manager and Business Development Lead

Aaron Spangler

Communications Manager

Savannah Thorpe

Digital Communications Manager

Hans Weaver

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Christie Anne Heimbach

Managing Director

Lixin Ji

Co-founder and Co-Owner

Preston Kilgore

Event Manager

Audrey Lopez

Immigration Legal Counselor

Sarah McGahran

General Manager

Mike McKenna

Chief Operating Officer

Jenn Orantes

Communications Coordinator

Courtney Rinden

Solution Content Analyst

Samantha Shewmaker

Graduate Student/Educator

Ismael Smith-Wade-El

Research Associate

Sara Urner

Development Associate

Theresa Yerger

Communications Manager

Crystal Zook

HIV Curriculum Project Coordinator and Eligibility Specialist

Founding Curator

Jonathan Coleman

Co-Executive Director

@ ASSETS Lancaster

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