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Representing a small but mighty city in central Pennsylvania,* the Lancaster Hub is home to life-long Lancastrians, transplants from around the U.S., and immigrants from around the world. Our hub membership is composed of community-oriented young people interested in entrepreneurship, non-profit work, and social justice. The Lancaster Hub was founded in 2015, and we’ve implemented projects addressing the topics of environment, youth empowerment, affordable housing, and closing the digital divide. With one of the highest refugee populations per capita in the U.S., Lancaster has a rich history of welcoming newcomers. With the close-knit feel of a small community and the opportunity afforded by a large population, our city prides itself on its diversity, urbanity, and approachability.

*The land that we now call Lancaster County belonged to the Susquehannock Native Americans.

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Laura Pauls-Thomas

Joined 20 Feb 2020


Kelsey Gohn

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Community Champion

Noah Miller

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Joshua Buitrago

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Ashley Burkett Glensor

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Isaac Etter

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Ron Mukuria

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mustafa nuur

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