Las Palmas Hub

Las Palmas hub aims to gather and empower passionate youngsters in the Canary Islands, with a global mindset, to act collaboratively on the archipelago region bridging the gap between youth-led transformative action and institutions and governing bodies.

Through youth-driven initiatives, policies, and innovative schemes for today’s most pressing environmental, social, and economic demands, we allow their fresh and innovative perceptions to pave the way for a sustainable and regenerative future in the archipelago.


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Redwan Baddouh Bejja

Joined 13 Mar 2023

Founding Curator

Carlos Shanka Boissy Diaz

Joined 8 Feb 2021

Andrés Borges López

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Tomás D'Adamo

Joined 20 Sep 2021

Brenda Lorena González Iurman

Joined 19 Feb 2023

Elvira González-Sosa Suárez

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Laura Sarmiento García

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