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The Las Vegas Global Shapers are a diverse group of millennials that are striving to be catalysts for change in the Southern Nevada community. We benefit from diversity representing fields such as architecture, engineering, design, marketing, finance, health & fitness, education, and entrepreneurship. Together we are partners in doing good to both educate those around us and to advance our community's well being.

23 members


Candace Jones

Nick Goodman

Founding Curator

Andrew Schuricht

Andrew Carrillo

Anabel Chavva

Bethany Davis

Oscar Delgado

Ernestine Fu

Michael Grema

Vincent Kwan

Erin McDermott

Spencer Norman

Carley Pasqualotto

Kyle Saca

Jacquelyn Sertic

Alexis Wallace

Cameron Yetta

He Fan

Reese Gneiting

Sydney Katz

Fausto Saavedra

Justice Sportsman

Helen Yee

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