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The Launceston Global Shapers Hub is the first hub in regional Australia, allowing passionate and engaged young people from Northern Tasmania to be part of a global community and drive real change. Launceston has always been known for it's innovative approach to all things - and this is still alive and strong in the community that is represented through this hub. While 2019/20 is our first year as a hub, we're excited to be connected with the global network and show what Tasmanians are capable of - and eager to bring more people together to achieve positive action collaboratively.

6 members

Rohit Augustine

Joined 27 Jul 2022


Anna Cui

Joined 24 Feb 2022

mandeep jaiman

Joined 14 Jul 2022

Impact Officer

Joshua Zhi Peng Lim

Joined 6 Jun 2022


Michelle Lutan

Joined 24 Feb 2022

Founding Curator

Adam Mostogl

Joined 20 May 2019

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