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The Launceston Global Shapers Hub is the first hub in regional Australia, allowing passionate and engaged young people from Northern Tasmania to be part of a global community and drive real change. Launceston has always been known for it's innovative approach to all things - and this is still alive and strong in the community that is represented through this hub. While 2019/20 is our first year as a hub, we're excited to be connected with the global network and show what Tasmanians are capable of - and eager to bring more people together to achieve positive action collaboratively.

15 members


Michelle Lutan

Joined 24 Feb 2022


Anna Cui

Joined 24 Feb 2022

Impact Officer

Justin Merriel

Joined 9 Dec 2019

Naaman Fraser

Joined 14 Aug 2019

Thomas Wagenknecht

Joined 26 Oct 2020

Sarah Wells

Joined 14 Aug 2019

Luke Bone

Joined 6 Dec 2019

Ella French

Joined 19 Dec 2019

Sophie Ingram

Joined 14 Aug 2019

Lauren Oliver

Joined 5 Dec 2019

Stephen Pearce

Joined 14 Aug 2019

Jacob Saunders

Joined 8 Dec 2019

Madison Shepherd

Joined 8 Dec 2019

Brodie Sward

Joined 19 Dec 2019

Founding Curator

Adam Mostogl

Joined 20 May 2019

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