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Lima Hub

Lima Hub has as a mission to catalyze initiatives of youth that are building a better Peru. We have at the moment more than 35 members from different backgrounds and expertise. Our Hub has made important projects Nationwide, such as Kunan, a social entrepreneur platform that has helped entrepreneurs from all over the country. We represent all the sectors, private, NGO and social entrepreneurship, and public.

20 members

Veronica Briceno

Joined 12 Oct 2021

Zaida Castro Lara

Joined 20 Aug 2020

Luis Chapilliquen

Joined 17 Aug 2020

Fabiana Chavez

Joined 3 Jan 2023


Diego Adolfo Dueñas Parapar

Joined 12 Oct 2021

Impact Officer

Fiorella Giovanna Favero Guevara

Joined 9 Dec 2022

Fiochi herrera

Joined 27 Jan 2020

Miguel Herrera

Joined 29 Jul 2019

Founding Curator

Kurt Holle

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Xiomara Ibarra Montes

Joined 17 Aug 2020

Astrid Juárez González

Joined 8 Dec 2022


Isaac Malca

Joined 26 Oct 2017

Lorenzo Ortiz de Zevallos Rodrigo

Joined 19 Aug 2022

Grecia Pillaca

Joined 11 Dec 2022

Valery Salas

Joined 9 Dec 2022

Valeria Sosa

Joined 12 Mar 2020

Carlos Terranova Véliz

Joined 10 Jan 2020

Lucia Torres

Joined 8 Dec 2022

Alexandra Vassallo

Joined 12 Oct 2021

Inés Yábar

Joined 29 May 2020

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