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Lisbon Hub

The Lisbon Hub is a cohort of young and humble individuals fully dedicated to contributing to the solution of problems within their wider community and region. Members' backgrounds range from law, entrepreneurship, finance and art, enabling the space for projects and impact in diverse areas areas. The Hub' main focus is education which materializes in activities like the Dignity Day, Fnac Shaper Talks and the co-organization of the Leadership Summit Portugal.

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27 members


Ines Relvas


@ The Boston Consulting Group

Diogo Alves

Vice-President, Corporate Development

@ A2D Consulting

Freire de João Andrade

Venture Capitalist

@ BiG Start Ventures

Daniel Araújo

CEO & Cofounder @ Attentive.us

David Braga Malta

Venture Partner

@ Vesalius Biocapital

Joao Rafael Brites

Global Changemaker

@ British Council Global Changemakers

Filipa Correia de Araújo

Project Manager

Tiago Espinhaço Gomes


Alexandre Farto


Cristina Fonseca


@ Talkdesk

Francisco Goiana-da-Silva

Deputy to the Secretary of State for Health

@ Portugal Government

João Marecos


@ Linklaters

James McCarthyPrice

Global Projects Lead

Mariana Melo Egídio

Guest Lecturer

Hugo Menino Aguiar

Co-founder, CEO

Rui Maria Pêgo

Radio Host

Afonso Reis Cabral


João Romão

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ GetSocial.io

Rui Santos Esteves


Inês Silva

Special Adviser


Simão Soares

CEO and co-founder at SilicoLife

Rayan Aebi

CEMS MiM Student

Ana Catarina Carvalho

Medical doctor

Diogo Ganchinho


Antonio Miguel


Miguel Santo Amaro


Founding Curator

Stephan Morais

Managing General Partner

@ Indico Capital Partners SCR

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