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The Lisbon Hub is a cohort of young and humble individuals fully dedicated to contributing to the solution of problems within their wider community and region. Members' backgrounds range from law, entrepreneurship, finance and art, enabling the space for projects and impact in diverse areas areas. The Hub' main focus are education, culture and sustainability. Our current projects are:

Financial Literacy Book: The project was born from the awareness that financial literacy was one of the most neglected areas of knowledge at the beginning of the 21st century. And this is why the Global Shapers from the Lisbon Hub decided to act.

Maria and the secret of Saving is an illustrated book on financial literacy for young people, authored by the Global Shapers Lisbon Hub, which aims to help young people understand the basic concepts about how money and savings work. With a foreword by António Simões, Executive Chairman of Santander Spain and Regional Manager for Europe, the Portuguese edition – the first to be published internationally – is the result of a partnership between the Global Shapers, Grupo Leya and Banco Santander Portugal. The book becomes available at a time when ECB data show that Portugal is last in the eurozone financial literacy ranking.

Global Dignity Day: Consists of a two-hour training on the subject of dignity, directed to students in primary and high school. It takes place in the month of October and is a day celebrated around the world. In 2018, this inititiave reached more than 4000 students in underprivileged schools around the country.

Leadership Summit Portugal: The Leadership Summit Portugal is co-organized by the Global Shapers Lisbon Hub. In 2022, it will be the third year edition and the motto for the conference was "Time's Up!". The Global Shapers Lisbon also launches a Pitch Competition selecting up one Shaper from the Global Shapers Community to come to Lisbon as speaker and share the stage with some top notch speakers in the leadership area. For 2023, the motto is "Reborn from chaos?". More info at:

Observador Opinião: The Lisbon Shapers have partnered with the Observador newspaper and are invited to provide their opinion on a relevant topic every week. The piece provides a platform to voice issues to improve Portugal. Check the articles here.

"100 Oportunidades": This project launched in January 2020 in national TV and aims to give voice to young people in the media, making sure people our age can voice problems and solutions to the most current topics. It consists into a list of 100 people under 35 years old in Portugal into 20 diverse categories (e.g. economics, finance, arts, sports, health, science, sustainability, etc.) that the Global Shapers Lisbon Hub curate and renew 2 years. More info at: 


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