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Los Angeles Hub

The Los Angeles Hub consists of about 40 young leaders from different fields: government, health care, the startup ecosystem, academia, entertainment, arts, and others, who are working to advance our mission of engaging the millennial community to reduce inequality and increase access to opportunity in our city and beyond.

29 members


Francis Pollara

Michael Tonge

Hossain Albgal

Alexandra Ames

Wajiha Ibrahim

Solomon Vimal

Diana Waleska Mauricio

Founding Curator

Winston Damarillo

Phylizia Carrillo

Jakub Hlavka

Angie Jean-Marie

Batul Joffrey

Camille Kanengiser

Ashley Akemi Miyasaki

Melina Perez

Tasha Russman

Aria Safar

Chirag Sagar

Lin Shi

Frida Winkelmann

Maria Del Pilar Zarate Chaves

Arteen Arabshahi

jeffrey chen

Bing Chen

Joseph David Galloway

Avinash Dhiren Gandhi

Maxwell Kangkolo

Shelby Kretz

Jeremy Wall

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