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Los Angeles Hub

City-based Hubs are the core of the Global Shapers Community. Each Hub is required to undertake an impact-generating project to better their local community. Additionally, Hubs organise workshops, meetings with leaders, and other activities that increase its members’ capacity for impact as current and future leaders. Hub activities are non-political, non-partisan and always focused on the great public good.

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48 members


Jesse Harris

Writer and Director

John Joseph Amend

CEO, Founder

Prince Boucher


@ Follow the Prince

Phylizia Carrillo

Director of Innovation

Muhammed Fazeel

Team Lead

Till H Gross


Ghazal Gulati

Co-founder & COO

Yoram Heller

Co-Founder and Vice-President, Corporate Development

@ Morphlabs Inc.

Tyler Hicks

Visual Artist/ Art Director

Jakub Hlavka

Health Economics Researcher

Angie Jean-Marie

Interim Director

Camille Kanengiser

CoFounder, CCO

Sly Lee

Co-founder/ CEO

Ethan Lipsitz

Chief Executive Officer

@ Apliiq

Ashley Akemi Miyasaki


Shauna Nep

Director, Impact Investments

@ Fundamental Philanthropy, Inc.

Melina Perez

Program Coordinator for Constituency Services

Francis Pollara

Venture Partner

Jennifer Regan

Chief Sustainability Officer

Heather Regnier

Writer (Story Editor)

Aria Safar

Chief Strategy Officer

Julia Thayne

Director of Urban Development

Andrea Valencia

CMST - Assistant Project Manager

Kwiri Yang

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ LifeGyde

Christian Yang


@ ReelSurfer

Maria Del Pilar Zarate Chaves


Shan Aggarwal


Arteen Arabshahi

Senior Associate

Alex Banayan


jeffrey chen

Executive Director

Bing Chen


Xavier Di Petta


Ian Donahue

Chief Product Officer

Joseph David Galloway

Senior Field Deputy

Avinash Dhiren Gandhi

Co-Founder, CEO

Neha Gupta

Business Operations

Erik Huberman


Maxwell Kangkolo

Chief Operating Officer

Shelby Kretz


Nanxi Liu


Katerina Markov

Jens Midthun

Marketing Consultant

Argine Ovsepyan


Maceo Paisley


Christopher Pearson

Project Manager

Shylana Roman

Garden Ranger/Educator

Diana Zhou

Manager / Market Strategy

Founding Curator

Winston Damarillo

Executive Chairman

@ Amihan Global Strategies

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