Luanda Hub

Global Shapers Luanda

It is part of the Global Shapers Community and acts as the Global Shapers Community Angola Association. And we're made up of more than 20 young Angolans with professional recognition and merit, excelling in the most diverse areas of society, and determined to leverage resources responsibly to support the sustainable development of our regional and global community.

Our Vision 

We are the change-makers, the dream hunters, the young leaders… We are Rock Stars!

Hub Luanda Shapers believes that the province of Luanda can be a just and peaceful society and an increasingly better space to live and coexist, where youth actively participate in the processes of designing and implementing public policies at the provincial level and in promoting their class.

Impact areas

     - Environment and Health

     - Education, entrepreneurship, and Leadership

     - Equity and Inclusion

* Women are included in all focus areas

26 members

Helder Eduardo Pinto Afonso

Joined 8 Nov 2018

Vandelson Afonso

Joined 20 Feb 2021


Óscar Jaime António

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Carmem Benjamim

Joined 13 Oct 2019

Joana Caetano

Joined 24 Mar 2022

Aurélio Capunga

Joined 25 Mar 2022

Paulo Cassoma

Joined 26 Jan 2021


Olinda Da Silva

Joined 23 Mar 2022

Bamba Ambrósio Diakanda

Joined 13 Oct 2019

Emanuel dos Santos

Joined 26 Jan 2021

Serafim Elliot

Joined 7 Jun 2023

Gospel Fita

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Community Champion

Manasia Futa

Joined 12 May 2014

Irocy Gonçalves

Joined 6 Nov 2023

Violeta Lussenge

Joined 6 Jun 2023

Irene Luzizila

Joined 3 Nov 2023

Margarida Mambelo

Joined 31 Aug 2023

Analtina Muela

Joined 18 May 2023

Diendonne Pascoal

Joined 27 Jul 2022

Clemente Sassa

Joined 18 May 2023

Arnaldo Soba

Joined 13 Oct 2019

Kalenga Solunga

Joined 25 May 2023

Ana Tona

Joined 21 May 2023

Raimundo Tony

Joined 24 Jun 2023

Muvulameno Wanuque

Joined 27 Jun 2023

Martins Wime

Joined 3 Nov 2023

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