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Lucerne Hub

The Lucerne Hub is an extremely talented and diverse group of young agents of change. We are committed to improving our beautiful city of Lucerne and to sustain an open society. We are young, passionate ambassadors of Central Switzerland.


13 members


Manuel Brun

Joined 6 Feb 2020

Impact Officer

Florian Lussi

Joined 10 Feb 2020

Noemi Elise Grodtke

Joined 9 Dec 2020

Stettler Jana

Joined 9 Feb 2020

Melissa Kneubühler

Joined 9 Feb 2020

Luca Kramis

Joined 29 Sep 2020

Marash Pulaj

Joined 6 Oct 2020

Sofia Roupakia

Joined 21 Jan 2021

Sandro Schmid

Joined 9 Feb 2020

Shathu Vasa

Joined 30 Sep 2020

Sina Mehl

Joined 30 Apr 2020

Idoia Fernanda Paucar Herrera

Joined 29 Sep 2020

Founding Curator

Bruno Affentranger

Joined 3 Mar 2020

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