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The Lucknow Hub is a large, vibrant, and highly diverse group. Some of us are lifelong Lakhnawi/ Lucknowite; others are recent arrivals. Between us, we are social workers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, activists, educators, networkers... and many other occupations in every sector of society. We care deeply about having an impact on Lucknow and the wider world. Our recent projects range from building the youth agency as responsible & empathetic citizens, awareness of mental health, the accessibility of safe, sanitary products for women, and creating empowering spaces for adolescents through arts.

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12 members


Prasanna Kapoor

Joined 29 Jan 2020


Sania Ashar

Joined 12 Feb 2021

Impact Officer

Divyanshu Tripathi

Joined 12 Jan 2022

Aditi Agarwal

Joined 30 Jan 2020

Anupriya Agarwal

Joined 6 Apr 2014

Pooja Bahal

Joined 17 Jul 2022

Shreshtha Jain

Joined 15 Jul 2022


Joined 12 Feb 2021

Kunti Rawat

Joined 31 May 2017

Aditya Singh

Joined 30 Nov 2017

Aishaanyaa Tewari

Joined 10 Jan 2022

Founding Curator

Urvashi Sahni

Joined 27 Mar 2014

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