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Luxembourg City Hub

The Luxemburg Hub is a diverse group of young international people with more than 9 different nationalities. The fields represented by the hub members are as diverse as the member's backgrounds ranging from filmmaking, education, design, law, e-commerce , finance, sports, consulting, artificial intelligence, start-up and entrepreneurship, commodities and confectionery. The mission of the hub is to launch projects that promote social transformation, both locally and on an international level.

25 members


Giulia Bruni Roccia

Patrick Azevedo Rodrigues

Khulan Baterdene

Letizia Castellano

Lorenzo Fabiano

Mara Kroth

Matilde Meyers

Viktor Mikus

Diana Nilles

Janka Petocz

Patrick Rahme

Niccolo Regoli

Marzio Flavio Schena

Ashish Sharma

Melanie Sosoe

Gilberto Vargas Barroso

Adrian Vodislav

Hanna Welter

Riccardo Daidone

Corina Darii

Miguel Garcia Pereira

Maria Rizescu

Michaela Viskupicova

Joel Wajsberg

Founding Curator

Carolina Parisi

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