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Lviv Hub

The Lviv Hub is made up of a talented and diverse group of young people who represent Int'l Organisations, Academia, Education, Startups, Video Production, Non-for-Profits and Architecture.

 We are shaping our community in such fields as sustainable development, quality education and human-centred 4IR. We advocate for such SDGs as Sustainable Consumption & Production, Climate Action, Sustainable Production & Consumption and Quality Education.

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20 members


Yaroslav Melekh

PhD candidate

Yaryna Bakhovska

Chief Financial Officer, Founder

Tetiana Blaha

Project Manager

Liliya Borovets

Co-Founder, CEO

@ Pro.Svit

Khrystyna Boyko


Viktoriya Luchka

Communications Strategist

@ Lviv Educational Foundation

Ostap Lutsyshyn

External Consultant, Employment Policy Department

@ International Labour Organisation

Solomiya Paslavska


Solomiya Zahray

Head of Presale

Yulia Barannikova

head of organisation

Olena Bryliak

project manager

Kseniya Kramarenko

Translators Group Coordinator

Dana Kushpler

Team leader, coordinator

Maryana Mavdryk


Khrystyna Mysak

Deputy Director for Development

Yuliana Oselska

Operations Manager

Iryna Petrus

HR Generalist

Sofiia Shnyr

Assistant General Manager

Anastasiia Tumanova

Business Development Manager

Founding Curator

Sofiya Opatska


@ Lviv Business School, Ukrainian Catholic University

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