Lyon Hub


Founded in 2016, the Lyon Hub brings together 25 diverse and passionate young leaders to create community-focused impact through innovative, sustainable initiatives and collaborations.

The Lyon hub embraces diversity, by admitting people from different backgrounds and experiences, and by inviting them all to collaborate to improve the state of our community and out world. Our members come from different fields: government, health care, the startup ecosystem, academia, consulting, entertainment, arts, and others, who are working to advance our mission of engaging the millennial community to reduce inequality and increase access to opportunity in our city and beyond. 

With our partners, we managed to position the hub as a major driver of change in our community, and we aspire to enlarge our base of members, and to extend our impact in our environment.

Our partners include: SINGA - AFEV - Année Lumière - JobIRL - AIESEC - Nos Quartiers Ont Des Talents - EMLYON Business School

Our core principles

  • Community: building and engaging our local community focusing on youth.

  • Action and impact: driving by tangible and measurable results.

  • Collaboration: leveraging existing assets, resources, and organizations.

  • Creativity: finding creative and new solutions to existing issues

Our projects currently span from Social Inclusion and Integration to Entrepreneurship and Education. We are also planning to host the first SHAPE France event.


25 members

Amine Aitoumeziane

Joined 16 May 2020


Joined 17 Dec 2019

Elodie Arnouk

Joined 5 Nov 2021

Mokhtar Bacha

Joined 5 Oct 2021

Amel Boucetta

Joined 7 Nov 2022

Anatoli Chernyaev

Joined 8 Jun 2021

Raphaël Culliford

Joined 12 Mar 2019

Thanaël Fontaine

Joined 14 Jan 2023


Joined 27 Sep 2021


Joined 17 Oct 2021

Hajar Hamdoun

Joined 13 Apr 2023

Founding Curator

Laurent Javaudin

Joined 23 Apr 2015

Morgane Larret

Joined 9 Jun 2021

Enora Ledru

Joined 17 Oct 2021


Ibtissam Mahhani

Joined 1 Jun 2022

Impact Officer

Mouhamed Mbow

Joined 14 Jan 2023

Evangelia Nteventzi

Joined 5 Apr 2022

Elodie Pilloud-Wittmann

Joined 5 Nov 2021

Guillaume Rival de Rouville

Joined 31 Oct 2019


Joined 14 Jan 2023


Chrispin Boniface Sanga

Joined 7 Nov 2022

Bethgnies Soizic

Joined 28 Feb 2020

Emilie Soule

Joined 2 Nov 2021


Joined 25 Sep 2021

Asmae Youssef

Joined 30 Sep 2020

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