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Managua Hub

The Global Shapers Managua Hub serves as a platform for high quality and high impact projects in education, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. The Hub was launched in 2012 and has had more than 45 Shapers from various sectors including nonprofit organizations, businesses, technology, universities, entertainment, and many more. We work with different organizations to plan and execute signature projects such as 15 Minutos de Emprendimiento, Noche de Emprendimiento, Reading Corners, and Nicaragua Tech Summit. Along with possessing a valuable network, our goal is to inspire other leaders to expand their imagination and drive positive change in Nicaragua and abroad. 

28 members


Cecile Ney

Maria Ximena Arguello Serrano

Itzel Arroliga

Stephany Ayestas

Sergio Balladares

Cecilia Bendeck Acevedo

Flor Cajina

Francisco Espinoza

Lenin Flores

Rick Lennie Garcia Gutierrez

Domingo Guillen

Jorge Hurtado

Benjamin Lopez

Roberta Lopez

Lola Salaverri

Luis Sanchez

Dana Terry

Lucía Urrutia

Sofía Vargas Sandoval

Douglas Castro

Osmara Castro

Sara Lila Cordero

Adela Dávalos

Abraham Delgado

Maria Lopez

Franco Reyes

Gustavo Alfredo Salinas

Founding Curator

Felix Maradiaga

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