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Manama Hub

Driven by our Ideals, the Manama Hub aims to contribute holistically to the ongoing social and economic development of Bahrain through cross-disciplinary and multistakeholder means, and by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and youth engagement. The Manama Hub will have impact by the creation and delivery of economically, financially, and environmentally sustainable projects, involvement and collaboration of all segments of society, and contribute to channeling the potential of citizens and the private sector towards addressing societal issues.

17 members


Hashem Almusawi

Esraa Sabah

Founding Curator

Ali Adnan Ibrahim

Ayesha Abduljalil Ali

Mohammed AlKhalifa

Hala Al Khalifa

Hamad Al Mahmeed

Nada AlSaeed

Huda Raed Mohamed AlSalah

Masooma Kadhem

Husain Shafei

Shaheen Shaheen

Lucy Esther Sophie Wozniak

Mahmood Zeyad

Haya AlFadhel

Ghufran Alhubail


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