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Maputo Hub

The Maputo Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young Mozambicans committed to improve the state of our city, country and the world. We are economists, engineers, social entrepreneurs, business managers, bloggers, artists. Together with our partners we strive for excellence and impact in everything we do. We focus on building entrepreneurial solutions for social issues, we are addicted on serving society and we are committed on actively contributing for the achievement of our Sustainable Development Goals.

25 members


Cláudio Ferrão


@ Orèra Mozambique

Carlos Augusto

Country Chair for Mozambique

Sohel Dali


Rodolfo Dias

Energy and Commodities Analyst - Global Data

@ Bloomberg LP

Elena Gaffurini

Managing Partner


Iram Intiaz

Junior Consultant/Analyst and Website Manager

Jessica Julaia

M&E Officer

Luís Fernando Júnior


Lissungu Sheila Mazula

Project Manager

Célio Samo Gudo

Forwarding agent / Founder - Video cv platform / Ship for world youth

Sazia Sousa

General Director

Daudo Vali

Country Manager

@ DHL Mozambique

Érika Wing

Human Resources Technician

Lineu Candieiro


Regina Augusto Charumar

University professor

Sides da Costa Arlindo Chissaque

Founder and CEO

joy dos Santos

First Officer

Silvia Ferreira

Key Account Manager

Filipe de Rosário joaquim


Vali Momade

Community Liason Officer

Eliana Nzualo

Project Manager

Omar Omar

Account Manager

Fei Moon Sung Manheche

BCP and QA Consultant

Founding Curator

Mulweli Rebelo


@ Ologa Sistemas Informaticos

Founding Curator

Osvaldo Muianga


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