Marondera Hub

We believe in grassroot mobilization towards justice, dignity, Inclusivity and amplified voices. We believe in taking action and impact. We attain this through Action oriented advocacy, collaboration, human centred design approaches and creativity. We tap into our youthful populations energy, talents, volunteerism and drive to achieve impact and action.

Our vision is; empowering grassroot change makers to attain Just, Dignified and Amplified communities that are action driven. We attain this through building capacity, mobilization and action oriented advocacy.

As Marondera hub our vision Hashtags are, #CapacityBuilding, #CommunityMobilization and #DataDrivenAdvocacy. These will play a pivotal role in our implementation, focus  and strategy.

A lot of young people from all walks of life are making impact in their cities by joining the Global Shapers movement, What are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out about our recruitment, ask any questions, or grab a coffee with one of our Shapers.


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