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Marrakech Hub

Introducing the Marrakech Hub: Igniting Impact, Uniting Minds!

Founded in 2023, with multiple backgrounds represented, the Marrakech hub is diverse and composed of young people passionate about making both local and national impact.


Current hub Our Projects:

Feel Out Loud, which supports mental health awareness among university students by implementing hubs where they can meet, share and learn from professionals.

-  Shapers in Action, a series of webinars which enables youth to get to know the community and its values and get inspired to join the collective effort of improving the state of the world.


From Local to Global: 

Our passion knows no bounds, and we are driven to forge local and regional partnerships. Through these collaborations, we seek to share our vision and shape the change we aspire to witness, both in our world and within ourselves.


20 members


Joined 3 Dec 2023


Joined 30 Jul 2020

Founding Curator

Hanane Ait Ouakrim

Joined 13 Nov 2019

Khaoula Akabli

Joined 23 Nov 2023

Louisa Battioui

Joined 30 Jan 2024

Rim Bensouissi

Joined 26 Nov 2023

Ikram Boulamaat

Joined 19 Dec 2023

Houssam Boutadghart

Joined 9 Jan 2024

Warda Bouye

Joined 24 Nov 2023


Joined 2 Dec 2023


Joined 1 Feb 2024


Joined 24 Nov 2023

Loubna KADA

Joined 23 Nov 2023

Hanane Kharrazi

Joined 24 Nov 2020

Moniba Korch

Joined 20 Nov 2020

Douaa Lmzyane

Joined 23 Nov 2023

samah mesnaoui

Joined 29 Jan 2024

Chaimae Mouatassim

Joined 28 Nov 2023

Salma Saadaoui

Joined 2 Dec 2023

Jihane Zaher

Joined 21 Nov 2020

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