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The Global Shapers Marseille hub is a diverse group of young individuals driving action and positive change in the French Riviera. Marseille is the second largest city in France following Paris, yet is also the city with the greatest social divide between classes, suburbs, and demographics of communitites. Created in 2020, the Marseille Hub is actively engaged in various local projects, implemented in the area of Aix-Marseille. The Marseille Hub is currently focusing on achieving impact in the areas of Climate and Environment, Education and Employment, and Diversity and Inclusion. The Future is Ours to Shape. #BeTheChange

15 members


Haylea Rudge

Joined 14 Nov 2020


Guillaume Paillette

Joined 28 May 2021

Impact Officer

Jai Kumar

Joined 27 May 2021

Community Champion

Sunny Paia'aua

Joined 9 Jul 2019

Pooja Desai

Joined 19 Nov 2020

Giselle Guzman

Joined 9 Jan 2021

Dheeraj Kumar

Joined 23 Feb 2021

Eloise Leclercq

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Felix Nartey

Joined 12 Jun 2020

Alexis Sadowski

Joined 30 Jun 2020

Jean-Philippe Saint-Jean

Joined 28 Oct 2019

Soptavik Samanta

Joined 16 Nov 2020

Walid Rebii

Joined 20 Aug 2021

Mana Thomas

Joined 11 Feb 2021

Founding Curator

Camille Chapuis

Joined 9 Jul 2019

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