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Medellin Hub

The Medellin Hub is a dynamic community that is working tirelessly to expand our collective knowledge and use it for the welfare of the communities we serve.

We strive for a Hub that accurately represents our increasingly diverse city by including Shapers from different backgrounds and with different beliefs and perspectives to work together.

Medellin is a city that needs the different communities and sectors to work together in joint efforts to tackle the pressing problems faced by so many citizens. In order to address these problems we have co-created and are actively implementing the following high impact social projects:

- Construyendo de la Mano (Building hand-in-hand): Mentoring for students on the last two years of school
- Shapers For Venezuela (Mi Casa es tu Casa): Working to support Venezuelan migrants.
- Papayera LAB: Workshops led by female shapers to inspire and train girls at developing their life's project.
- Innatu: Circular Economy Model for doing a proper use of obsolete and damage electronic devices.

In addition to these projects we also have many initiatives and support other hubs’ projects such as #LaEducaciónNoPara (#EducationDoesNotStop), #EnjoyAtHome, Blood4All and Shaping Fashion, to name a few. 

We are also active members of our city’s thriving entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, ensuring that the city’s young people are represented wherever possible. Finally, we are very proud of how close we are to other hubs across the region and especially in Colombia, alliances which thrived when we hosted SHAPE LATAM 2016.


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