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Mendoza Hub is composed of a group of young people who don’t stay still in the presence of problems our society presents. Proactivity, initiative and solidarity are basic principles that inspire all the way through our labour, in the Hub, as with new Shapers and the rest of our community. It’s precisely here where the hard and delicate work that produces one of the world’s best wines, teaches us the great importance of dedication and perseverance. With the support of the WEF and NGO’s, we look forward to developing changes that not only focus on solving specific problems, but also inspiring others to generate their own initiatives, on the basis of youth empowerment, education, sustainability and innovation. Younger Shapers give us a completely different perspective of issues our society presents and an utterly new way of solving them. This amazing advantage is perfectly complemented with about 30 year-old Shapers, who having more experience in some fields and different points of view in many aspects of our reality, allow us to trace a virtuous circle whose existence is motivated by ‘the other’ and what we can do with and for the other.

21 members


Saiguen Barauna

Joined 12 May 2020


María Emilia Trad

Joined 16 Feb 2021

Renzo Ezequiel Avila Toffano

Joined 31 May 2017

Franco Buzzacchi

Joined 22 Jan 2019

Virginia Cerezo

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Macarena Furque

Joined 29 Jan 2020

Sol Giménez

Joined 28 Jan 2020

Francisco Javier Iribas

Joined 28 Jan 2020

Julieta Mancuso

Joined 28 Feb 2019

Gonzalo Exequiel Oviedo Riccieri

Joined 16 Apr 2015

Florencia Pellicer

Joined 10 Dec 2019

Marcelo Nicolas Pesce Méndez

Joined 1 Feb 2018

Emanuel Ricaldi

Joined 5 Mar 2022

Carolina Rios Jurin

Joined 29 Aug 2016

Julieta Toledo

Joined 21 Jan 2019

Leandro Agustin Cereda Casto

Joined 5 Feb 2022

Agostina Maltese

Joined 11 Feb 2022

Jimena Mancuso

Joined 4 Feb 2022

Macarena Martin

Joined 8 May 2020

Agostina Reinoso

Joined 5 Feb 2022

Founding Curator

Agustina Debernardi

Joined 15 Dec 2014

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