Latin America ● Mexico

Merida Hub

The Global Shapers Community is happy to announce the inauguration of a new Hub in the city of Mérida, Mexico. Under the leadership of Sergio Alanis, we are excited to see how young people will self-organise for impact and execute relevant projects that change the state of their cities!

For inquires please contact:

14 members

Larissa Acosta

Teresa Carballo

Andrea Figueroa Bustamante

Georgina Flores Fernández

Alexia García

María Huerta

Melissa Jurado Ledon

Diego Maury

Mario Moguel

Jose Pablo Quiñones Guzmán

Carmita Díaz López

Arylu Marrufo guzman

Matthew Travers

Founding Curator

Sergio Alanís Rueda

Interested in joining? Apply today to join our hub.