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Merida Hub

The Global Shapers community starts in Mérida in 2020. We are a hub that is in constant cooperation and development of projects that could be implemented quickly due to the urgency of the world situation.

Mérida Hub was created at a time of global uncertainty and in an unconventional way in the midst of a pandemic, that has not been an impediment to continue growing and creating.

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17 members

Larissa Acosta

Joined 26 Apr 2020

Founding Curator

Sergio Alanís

Joined 16 Dec 2019

Nicte Cabañas Segura

Joined 5 Aug 2023

Fatima Cano

Joined 30 Jan 2022

Teresa Carballo

Joined 15 Feb 2020

Impact Officer

Regina Cervera

Joined 19 Jun 2022

Georgina Flores Fernández

Joined 4 Mar 2020

Ernesto Guerra de la Peña

Joined 21 Sep 2020

Andrés Herrera Esquivel

Joined 2 Sep 2020

Mario Luna Mena

Joined 27 Aug 2020

Arylu Marrufo guzman

Joined 10 Mar 2020


Mishel Martínez Cauich

Joined 28 Jan 2022

Jesus Antonio Mejia Avilez

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Jose Pablo Quiñones Guzmán

Joined 17 May 2020

Alba Rebolledo

Joined 24 Sep 2020


Juan Reséndiz

Joined 27 Jan 2022

Arianna Zanella

Joined 21 Jun 2022

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