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Miami Hub

The Miami Hub is made up of a group of young do-ers who Shape Miami. We are ordinary people. We all think differently. We have had different life experiences. We hold different opinions. But we are brought together by our desire to make Miami a more inclusive place. Our Hub engages with the greater Miami community by undertaking projects that break silos, fuel social entrepreneurship, empower youth, and support the SDGs.

Together with other community partners, we have mentored high school students seeking to launch their own businesses, hosted talks with leading social innovators, participated in community service opportunities in our city, while thinking of ways to shape Miami together. 

24 members


Amanda Suzanne Guevara

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Impact Officer

Daniela Cadena

Joined 28 Oct 2016

Community Champion

Liz Rebecca Alarcon

Joined 4 Mar 2016

Kristopher Budi

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Augusto Alberto Cividini

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Rachelle Anne Clark

Joined 18 Oct 2018

Jordan De Leon

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Alejandro D. González

Joined 31 Mar 2016

Juan Hidalgo

Joined 30 Sep 2019

Daniel Kleinman

Joined 26 Oct 2020

Molly Layman

Joined 8 Oct 2020

Bianca Lederer

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Farah Mahmoud

Joined 29 Sep 2019

Maria Mansur

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Jose Medina

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Alexina Prather

Joined 30 Mar 2020

Yannell Selman

Joined 20 Oct 2017

Manuel Stoilov

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Melany Valderrama

Joined 28 Oct 2016

Danielle Wolfe

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Luisana Zambrano Diaz

Joined 19 Sep 2019

Rebecca Negro Rocha

Joined 2 Nov 2020

Isabella Oliver

Joined 26 Oct 2020

Monique Rivera

Joined 8 Oct 2020

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